what is healthy, sustainable food?

the sustainable food future


The future of sustainable food depends on innovative ingredients, growing techniques, and processing technology.


With an exploding worldwide population, the future of sustainable food must scale to a global level.


The future of sustainable food can be accelerated through our actions today, working both as individuals and together.


The future of sustainable food should mean access for all to food on which we can thrive, not just survive.

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First, I love food. Making it, eating it. Since 2012, this site has been a record of my culinary adventures. My recipes are free of grains, soy and refined sugar (and often dairy-free) because eating a nutrient-dense diet of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds fuels me the best. 

I also love this little green gem of a planet we live on, and environmental sustainability and a healthy, balanced diet are compatible goals that I explore here in each post on Fresh Planet Flavor.  I am developing knowledge of the risks and rewards of the modern-day food system, and sharing that knowledge with others who care about the food they eat and feed to their families. Join the fun, and explore with me!