Easy Crab Curry

by Fresh Planet Flavor
Easy Crab Curry | Fresh Planet Flavor

I’m guest-posting this Easy Crab Curry on Civilized Caveman Cooking today. Mr. George Bryant was one of the first Paleo bloggers that I discovered years ago when I began my Paleo journey to focus on cooking and eating real, whole foods that make me happy and healthy. I’ve been following George ever since, and had a good time meeting him last year at Nom Nom Paleo’s book launch party!


Heyo! Met @civilizedcaveman at the #bulletproof coffee counter. #paleo

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Dungeness crab is one of my favorite types of seafood, the meat is so mild and sweet. Usually I buy them cracked and cleaned and prepare them with coarse salt, chili flakes, flat-leave parsley and lemon. But check out this Easy Crab Curry because the addition of spices, bell pepper, onion and tomato is delicious! I also used my massive cast-iron skillet to make it, and I love using that thing to cook all types of hearty food (let’s be honest, lifting it is mostly what I use my Crossfit muscles for). 😉 Let me know what you think!

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