HeaderHello! Welcome to Paleo Pen Pals, the ingredient swapping and recipe posting community for Paleo folks! 

With our real food focus, Paleo recipes often incorporate unusual, seasonal, local ingredients. Here is your chance to challenge your fellow members of the Paleo community with a fantastic ingredient of your choosing swapped every month, with which your Paleo Pen Pal crafts a recipe and shares for us to enjoy! Discover new Paleo ingredients, get creative in the kitchen, and interact with like-minded, adventurous cave-foodies from all over the country.

Ready? Visit the Paleo Pen Pals Facebook page to sign up!

Paleo Pen Pals Guidelines:

  • To sign up for Paleo Pen Pals, submit the form above. To be included in the upcoming swap, submit your information before the 1st of the month. If you sign up after that time, you will be included in the following month’s swap.
  • Within the first five days of the month, you will receive an email with your Paleo Pen Pals match for that month. Send your Paleo Pen Pals match an email with your mailing address and any other relevant information such as dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies.
  • You will have until the 10th of the month to mail your package. The package should include a Paleo ingredient or ingredients with which your Paleo Pen Pal can create a recipe. There is a $10 spending limit (not including postage costs).
  • Think carefully about how you will package and ship your items so they stay fresh (if necessary) and remain intact on their journey. You may wish to include a note with your item or items explaining what they are and why they were chosen.
  • Before the 25th of the month, you will publish a post to your blog with a recipe or review of the items you received and email the link to paleopenpals (at) gmail (dot) com. To further promote your blog, post the link to the Paleo Pen Pals Facebook and Paleo Pen Pals Twitter pages. You and your Paleo Pen Pals match are encouraged to link back to each other’s blogs, as well.
  • By doing all of the above, your link will be included on your pen pal’s blog (if applicable), the monthly roundups posted on GrokGrub.com and the Paleo Pen Pals social media outlets. That is quite a bit of exposure! NOTE: Only posts submitted to paleopenpals (at) gmail (dot) com will be featured in the roundups.
  • Paleo Pen Pals is not just for bloggers…all Paleo food lovers are welcome! Non-bloggers are encouraged to submit a guest post on their Paleo Pen Pals match’s blog. If neither Paleo Pen Pals participant has a blog, you can submit your guest post to paleopenpals@gmail.com and we will post it to one of our blogs.
  • If you end up getting the cold shoulder from your assigned Paleo Pen Pals match, here are some suggestions to resolve the “Paleo Pen Pals ditch.”

Challenge yourself! Go out and buy an ingredient you have never used before, make a recipe with it and post to your blog. I will happily include you in the roundup, even though you technically didn’t have a Paleo Pen Pals exchange.      

Find a new Paleo Pen Pals match! Tweet to @paleopenpals with something like “Hey @paleopenpals, does anyone need a new matchup? I’m available!” Make further arrangements with any responders through direct messaging, etc.

  • To be a part of Paleo Pen Pals, you must sign up each month that you plan to participate. Don’t worry, I will email a reminder so you don’t miss out on the fun.
  • Paleo Pen Pals is slowly building an international following. If two or more people from your country sign up, you will be matched up for that month.
  • Please contact me at paleopenpals (at) gmail (dot) com if you do not receive a confirmation after signing up. You should receive a confirmation within 1-2 business days after signing up to confirm your participation.

Paleo Pen Pals Terms & Conditions

By signing up as a Paleo Pen Pal, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in your removal from the Paleo Pen Pals program.

  1. You will contact your pen pal within 72 hours of receiving their email address to swap mailing addresses and other relevant information such as dietary restrictions, preferences or allergies.
  2. You will mail your box by the 10th of the month so that it arrives in time for your Paleo Pen Pals match to receive it and write their post. Purchasing delivery confirmation can ensure that your package is accounted for.
  3. If you do not contact your Paleo Pen Pals match, you will be removed from the Paleo Pen Pals program.
  4. Paleo Pen Pals cannot be held responsible if you do not receive a package. I will do everything I can to ensure you receive a package from your Paleo Pen Pals match and that participants who do not comply with the rules are removed.
  5. Your Paleo Pen Pals match’s email address and contact information is not to be used for any reason other than Paleo Pen Pals without their express permission. 
Paleo Pen Pals Badge
When you join Paleo Pen Pals, show your pride by adding a badge to your blog’s sidebar! 
Copy and paste the following HTML code into your widget sidebar:
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