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Is this you?

  1. You have a difficult time deciding what to cook for yourself/your family every week.
  2. You visit the market or grocery store, but wander through the aisles purchasing a collection of ingredients that may or may not fit together.
  3. You throw away whatever you didn’t use a week later and start again.

HEAD’s UP if so! A new custom meal-kit delivery service called PlateJoy aims to change that, by helping users create a meal plan and having healthy ingredients + recipes delivered straight to your door/inbox. When I first heard of PlateJoy, I didn’t know that it’s not so much a meal delivery service as it’s just designed to make planning and eating healthy meals easier. If you’re thinking it sounds a lot like Plated or Blue Apron, both of which ship fresh ingredients and recipes to users to be cooked at home, let me tell you about Platejoy’s paleo option. I’m not in the habit of posting meal dleivery service reviews, but for Platejoy I made an exception. 🙂

I signed up and tried out PlateJoy for myself, to see if the experience was really one I could recommend. It was so easy, I went on to their site and within minutes I had picked out three meals/snacks from their paleo “track” and selected a delivery date a few days later (although they can deliver as fast as 24 hours!). They offer enough customization options to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, but not enough to overwhelm. Below is a screenshot I took as I navigated through the setup phase…

PlateJoy (meal-kit delivery service) Review |

One note about price: at approximately $11 each, the cost of a PlateJoy meal runs close to that of lunch in San Francisco, and is definitely less expensive than a restaurant dinner in my area.

I was legitimately impressed when I received my delivery from Whole Foods, right on time, and the bonus bouquet of flowers was an especially nice touch! Recipes arrived in my inbox at the same time, and I was ready to begin. I don’t necessarily cook from a recipe very much, I prefer to create my own recipe or simply riff on what’s in my head. But it was a bit of a luxury to turn off my brain and simply follow the PlateJoy recipe to make the flank steak with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and pesto that’s pictured above! Delicious.

The next morning I made the breakfast I’d ordered from Platejoy: a Raw Blueberry Bliss Smoothie.

PlateJoy Breakfast (Raw BBlueberry Bliss Smoothie) | GrokGrub.jpg

I couldn’t resist decorating the smoothie with some additional toppings like bee pollen and freeze-dried raspberries that I had in my pantry already. That’s one of the advantages of PlateJoy: they send you a recipe and ingredients according to your dietary requirements that you can use as a foundation for your own creative additions, based on what you have on hand!

Lastly, I made what may be my favorite meal of the PlateJoy trial… chicken salad with basil, tomato and avocado. Sounds basic, but I’m obsessed with slicing avocados in creative ways these days so I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to practice! With some creative license, the chicken salad was transformed from a simple lady lunch to a plate that satisfied my magpie delight in “pretty!” for sure.

Overall, PlateJoy is convenient and customizable, with plenty of room to pause your deliveries, rearrange your delivery dates and time, follow the recipes or simply experience on your own with ingredients that fit your dietary preferences exactly. Enter your zip code and they’re not yet delivering in your area, you may sign up to receive an email update when they arrive.

If you try PlateJoy, comment below and let me know how it goes!

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