Triple Chocolate Granola | Fresh Planet Flavor

Triple Chocolate Granola | Fresh Planet Flavor

Welcome to my Triple Chocolate Paleo Granola tea party. I couldn’t resist the bright red of strawberries, the white of spring blossoms and the delicate decoration on two over-sized Anthropologie tea cups! Anyway… Picture your Thursday night. Yes, you’re approaching the weekend’s event horizon, but mostly you are in the thick of wrapping up the week at work or school before the long exhale on Friday evening. In short, a Paleo baking project is probably not the first thing on your mind.

Enter this Triple Chocolate Paleo Granola recipe. It requires just an ounce of Thursday evening prep followed by streamlined assembly late on Friday. The payoff is a perfect breakfast on Saturday morning that requires no more effort than crumbling this Paleo granola into a bowl. If you store it in an air-tight container, you can have crumbly chocolate-y goodness for several weekends in a row (or a bowl of to savor each weekday before the work-day rush). Only moderately sweet, characterized more by crunch and nutty chocolate flavor, I served this granola over sheep’s milk yogurt and yeah, no complaints. If you’re in the market for more sweetness, feel free to add 1/2 cup chocolate chips, but they’re 100% optional.

Triple Chocolate Paleo Granola (Grain/Dairy/Sugar Free) | Fresh Planet Flavor

I crafted this Triple Chocolate Paleo Granola recipe from ingredients I had on hand, but if things like cacao butter and chocolate extract aren’t already in your pantry, you can buy them fuss-free online or plan a trip to the nearest gourmet grocery store. Using cacao butter really deepens the chocolate flavor, don’t sub coconut oil for it. But when it comes to the basic building blocks of nuts? Feel free to make your own substitutions. Allergic to almonds? Replace them with more pecans or walnuts. Experiment with shredded coconut instead of the flax meal. If there’s a bag of dried cherries languishing on the counter, pulse them a few times in your food processor and add in place of the (optional) chocolate chips. The important thing is to keep the ratios of sweet to nutty and wet to dry the same, so keep that in mind when experimenting.