Whole30 - Day 10

Dear Whole30 diary: this week is the first week of my delivery of sustainable Northern California seafood from Sea Forager. It’s the first time I’ve participated in Community Supported Fisheries (CSF), which is the seafood equivalent of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Community Supported Fisheries

I found Sea Forager in a roundabout way: I saw a Bay Area seafood foraging book featured on Civil Eats, and looked up the author, Kirk Lombard. Turns out the “fish nerd, educator, forager, fisherman, entertainer and founder of Sea Forager Tours now offers super fresh, sustainable seafood every week at a pick-up location near you. Sea Forager Seafood is a Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) membership program that offers delicious seafood that you can feel great about.”

Needless to say, I signed up immediately. 

Tonight we picked up our first weekly portion of seafood: yellowtail jack. Apparently it’s the same species as farmed hamachi from Japan, but the version we ate was wild and caught by hook and line from plentiful stocks near the Channel Islands (approximately 360 miles from San Francisco).

I’d never tried yellowtail jack before, so simply stashed it in the oven smeared with ghee and topped with plenty of salt and freshly-cracked black pepper. After the fish finished cooking, I squeezed a bit of lemon over it and finished it with a sprinkle of diced fresh parsley and red chili flakes. It was delicious! 🐟😍🐟😍🐟😍 I paired it with roasted cherry tomatoes and onions plus smashed potatoes with rosemary and Dijon. 

Yellowtail Jack Whole30 Dinner

Intermittent Fasting, Continued

One note about Whole30 Day 10: I left my lunch at home today on purpose, and the third day of intermittent fasting with a reduced eating window went well. I’m loving the lack of hassle to prep and pack my lunch every day. It’s very freeing to simply skip it.

Kombucha = No Bueno Now?

One thing that did not go well was that I was feeling hungry by 5pm and drank a kombucha (the lowest sugar version that I could find) as a snack of sorts. MISTAKE. It tasted off-puttingly sweet, gave me an upset stomach and exacerbated my hunger rather than lessening it. So, lesson learned as far as kombucha goes during this Whole30 + intermittent fasting experiment, although it may have been a wonky batch that I drank a bottle of. 

Whole30 Day 10 Food

  • Breakfast: hot water with lemon and pink Himalayan salt
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: yellowtail jack + rosemary Dijon potatoes + roasted tomatoes and onions + half an avocado + 2 pieces of pork belly + 3 heaping scoops of tapenade + 2 handfuls of Trader Joe’s salted almonds 
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