Whole30 - Day 14

Dear Whole30 diary: I can’t believe I am done with the first two weeks and after tomorrow, I will be halfway through this January Whole30! I am amazed at how rapidly this one is passing, and at the increased energy, focus, evenness of mood, and sheer mental stamina that has become my new reality this month.  

Today I went to Whole Foods, and stocked up on fun things to eat like pork belly, plus plenty of ingredients to make responsible things to eat like this white chicken chili. I didn’t bother to shred the chicken, though, I simply cut it up and poached it in the coconut milk/broth combo. Delicious! I recommend the recipe, especially with plenty of cilantro and fresh diced jalapeños diced used as garnish to bring the heat. 🔥🔥🔥

Palate Fatigue

I must admit that I’ve been suffering from a bit of boredom lately, food-wise. It isn’t that what I am cooking and eating isn’t delicious, because it is. My tastebuds seems to simply stubbornly want something ELSE. An extra-spicy Bloody Mary, perhaps. Or a Larabar (technically some Larabars are Whole30-compliant but we all know they’re incredibly high in sugar). My palate seems to be experiencing fatigue of the reoccurring flavors this month, although I have dedicated thought and effort to eating a varied diet. 

Whole30 for Chronic Pain

One thing that distracted me from the doldrums was this Buzzfeed article chronicling a first-timer’s Whole30. There were some important aspects of the Whole30 explored there that I haven’t referenced in this series of Whole30 posts yet. The first is testing the Whole30’s impact on chronic pain. 

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to say FUCK IT and just do it. My chronic pain in the past couple of months had become, well, more chronic and more painful. I was feeling helpless. I’d tried just about everything there was to try, but I’d never done a diet-like program that was this extreme. So, being at the end of my rope, I figured, what the hell?

Feeling helpless and out of options? Or suffering from mysterious symptoms that have no readily-discernible cause? The Whole30 may be for you. My reasons for starting the Whole30 include a desire for more creativity in the kitchen, plus the elimination of cravings and inflammation. The Buzzfeed article was a reminder that the Whole30 can be beneficial as an elimination protocol for more specific and debilitating health considerations, too.

Whole30 Day 14 Food

I took the time to make myself a real breakfast today for the first time that I can remember. Well, it wasn’t technically eaten before noon, but it was breakfast FOOD:

In addition to that for breakfast, I rounded out the day’s food with…

  • Snack: a serving of Wild Blueberry Coconut Chia Overnight N’Oatmeal
  • Dinner: a bowl of white chicken chili
  • Fluids: black coffee, La Croix

I’ll see you back here for the Whole30 half-way point tomorrow!

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