Whole30 - Day 2Dear Whole30 diary: today was another day of quarantine in my apartment, eating what I had on hand. Today was also the end of winter holiday, and I went back to work (remotely, due to my respiratory infection and eye infection)! It took my mind off of my Whole30. But by noon the stress of my flooded inbox and resuscitated projects clamoring on all sides began to wear on me. 😓 

Stress Relief

I was glad to break at noon for today’s bowl of sprouted lentils, kale microgreens, and olive tapenade (this unusual combination was an accidental happy discovery yesterday). I followed the meal with activities to clear my mind: leaving the apartment (for a quick walk to the pharmacy), taking out the compost and recycling, and checking the progress of some kale seeds I’d planted earlier this week in the backyard.  

Tastebud Reset

One thing that I remember fondly from my previous Whole30 and from experimenting with keto is the tastebud reset. When sugar of any kind is removed from my diet, I experience a rapid adjustment in the baseline of what my palate considers sweet. This makes things like my Throat Comfort tea (ingredients: wild cherry bark, licorice root, fennel seed, cinnamon bark, orange peel, slippery elm bark, cardamom, ginger, mullein root, clove, and black pepper) taste surprisingly sweet already… It had me double-checking the ingredients! Maybe it’s a mental thing, since it’s only been two days. 

Whole30 Day 2 Food

  • Breakfast: none
  • Lunch: 1 bowl of sprouted lentils and kale microgreens mixed with Olive Harvest Tapenade (ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, black olives, green olives, fresh carrots and cauliflower, roasted red peppers, fresh onions, Kalamata olives, capers, fresh garlic, Italian seasoning), see Whole30: Day 1 post for photo 
  • Snack: 1 (3.75 oz) can of King Oscar “Tiny Tots” wild-caught sardines in olive oil (drained)*
  • Dinner: 1 bowl of salad (with oil and vinegar), topped with two soft-boiled eggs, two pieces of bacon (chopped), and a heaping spoonful of tapenade + a side of steamed green beans
  • Fluids: black coffee, tea, La Croix

*I don’t love the taste of canned sardines. I was definitely in the mood for something greasy and salty, though, so the canned sardines fit the bill. 🐟🐟🐟 Gimme those omega-3s! The “Tiny Tots” have an advantage over larger canned sardines because you can eat them whole, bones and all, without noticing much. Otherwise I’d pick the sardines apart and discard the bones (a bothersome extra effort).   

Today’s primary takeaway is that being VERY SICK makes it difficult to tell which fun side-effects from the Whole30 are happening, if any.

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