Dear Whole30 diary: I woke up expecting the “hangover” I’d read about in the Whole30 timeline. Nope. A normal morning, aside from the fact that I was hungry, which almost never happens. Since there’s no time built into my routine to eat breakfast, I ignored the hunger. It grew steadily throughout the morning until it was fully distracting by 11:30am. 

Since Whole30: Day 3 was another day of quarantine in my apartment riding out the last stages of my eye infection and bronchitis, I ate a basic vegetable side of a small bunch of celery, chopped and sautéed with a chopped onion in a generous amount of duck fat. This was a massive amount of food, and such a satisfyingly fragrant portion of vegetable goodness to relax with at noon. 

At 7pm the hunger pangs had returned, but I snagged a few bites of apple and a mouthful of salted almond as I headed out the door to the grocery store. My first time out of the house in more than three days! 🎉 I tried to keep my coughs and sniffles to myself in the aisles while loading up on ingredients for several batches of tasty meals. More details to come.   

Whole Day 3 Food

  • Breakfast: none
  • Lunch: a small bundle of celery and an onion, chopped and sautéed in duck fat with salt and black pepper
  • Snack: a few bites of apple + a mouthful of Trader Joe’s 50% Less Salt dry roasted and salted almonds
  • Dinner: heaping bowl of this Amish One Pan Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet
  • Fluids: black coffee, tea, La Croix

That Amish One Pan Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet is delicious! I used lamb instead of ground beef and bulked it up with more vegetables in addition to the cabbage: baby spinach, kale microgreens, arugula, and fresh oregano. 

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