Whole30 - Day 9

Dear Whole30 diary: FAIL. I forgot my lunch again today. On that note, I think one key to success (and there are many) on the Whole30 is filling your days with so many activities/meetings/hobbies/deadlines/passion projects that there’s no time to fixate on food. It may seem counter-intuitive, but my experience this wound of the Whole30 has been that when you have little time to think about the program at all, it decreases cravings and/or inclinations to cheat. On THAT note, I hate the word “cheat” to describe taking a brief break from your regularly scheduled nutrition programming. But whatever you want to call it,I’ve been spared the desire to do it since my will-power is mysteriously but most definitely HERE FOR THIS Whole30.

Whole30 Effects

I also seem to have lucked out on skipping some of the other physical effects of the Whole30 that are common on Day 9 or so according to the Whole30 Timeline:

Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or all three may appear as your gut starts to heal, rebalance, and process this new food effectively.

Absolutely none of that, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I am noticing some effects, but they’re positive effects. NSVs (Non-Scale Victories), in fact, such as…

  • I fall asleep quickly at night and sleep more deeply through the night.
  • My belly is flatter.
  • My thighs are leaner.
  • My bronchitis is on track to end much sooner than it did last year.
  • My cycle has changed, becoming much shorter and with much less severe cramping.
  • I am eating to fuel my body rather than because I am bored, anxious, or experiencing cravings. 
  • Food tastes better.

Whole30 Day 9 Food

  • Breakfast: hot water with lemon and pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Lunch: none
  • Dinner: pan-cooked chicken thighs + sautéed fajita vegetables (bell peppers and onions) + blistered green beans
  • Snacks: 3 pieces of pork belly + 1 piece of bacon + a handful of almonds
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